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Strategic Partnerships for Exponential Success.

A lot of listeners have asked me to share more about my investing strategies and experiences in Multifamily and Apartment Syndication. The best way to accomplish this is to bring in my business partner, Marty Green, to discuss three of the deals we've done together.

Marty Green is the owner of Green Property Management here in the West Michigan area. Marty & I have partnered on three separate apartment investments, and we will discuss the many aspects of those deals during our conversation today.

Both of us believe strongly in strategically partnering with the right people to get past plateaus, overcome challenges, and achieve exponential growth in real estate investing.

Marty also explains why your expenses should go up, and your income should go down when you first acquire a turnaround investment property. We discuss what to do when you've inherited bad tenants, alternatives to capital calls, lowering expenses to increase your Net Operating Income, and the number one thing we do at all of our communities to prevent tenant problems and attract the best residents.

I also share how we syndicated these investments: the SEC rules we followed, the types of investors we worked with, the money we raised, and our communications with our current investors.

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